Effective Pandas: Exercise Solutions


Author’s Note: Aside from the fact that this is—among other things—an accountability exercise to assit me with my goal of working through this book in its entirety, this ‘solutions guide’ is currently in active development. That means that some of the ‘solutions’ posted here represent my current understanding at any given time rather than the ‘correct’ answer. If you identify a change that you would like to see reflected in this book, please get in touch.

Please watch this space for future updates.

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Effective Pandas: Exercise Solutions

Alexander Rose

April 4, 2022


This guide—heavily inspired by Jeffery B. Arnold’s R for Data Science: Exercise Solutions—aims to accomplish a similar goal: provide an approach to the exercises contained within a beloved technical manual. In contrast to Arnold’s work, this book focuses on Effective Pandas by Matt Harrison.

Effective Pandas is availabe as a digtal book (pdf) or as a physical book on amazon.


In time, I hope that these solutions will benefit from many contributors. Until that time, a special thanks to: